Helping our soldiers to protect our homeland!

Let's Talk about Us

We are a team of young entrepreneurs of Armenian origin based in Belgium. The only reason this online store exists is to collect money and send them to Artsakh. We assure you that 100% of our profits will go to

The situation is serious! We are doing our best to contribute to the victory of our heroes who are on our borders and who defend the sacred lands of our ancestors. We will prevent history from repeating itself! Our greatest strength is unity.

So that our peace will never be stolen again!

100% for Artsakh

Our profits will go directly to the account of To buy our products is to donate to Artsakh.

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Our delivery times are between 10 to 20 business days. Please note that depending on your geographical location.

Defend our homeland

It’s our duty as an Armenian! Our blood will not be shed, we will protect our own at all costs!